The ugly stench of prejudice

October 24, 2008 at 10:00 am 3 comments

Foolishly I thought that we had come far enough as a society that we actually could elect the first non-caucasian president.  I believed that the race and gender bigotry and prejudice was something that we were leaving in our past and that we were embracing a future of acceptance, if not understanding.  I was wrong.  Today two events really woke me up about the bias and just plain nastiness that is still a part of the American experience. 

The first such reminder was some tape recorded messages people had left at the offices of ACORN today regarding Barack Obama.  To put it nicely the statements these “people” made were so foul that nearly every three words they spoke had to be bleeped out.  The people who made these statements must be home tonight starching their white hoods and getting their gasoline and crosses ready for a good old-fashioned Klan party.  Lynchings, N* words, “death to them all” was pretty much the main focus of these callers.  I was saddened to see that we really hadn’t come too far, at all.

Then I came home and while making dinner checked out which is the website for the Arizona Republic — the main Phoenix newspaper.  There they had this story about a Missouri middle school where, during “Spirit Week”, some students face punishment for creating “Hit a Jew Day”.   School officials seemed to want to calm down the horrified responses of people like me by saying that “fewer than 10 of the district’s 35 Jewish students were struck”.  Really?  Only a third?  Oh, okay that makes it fine then.  Honestly… who thinks that only hitting a third of the Catholic kids would be okay?  Or the Methodist kids?  And the brilliant school official goes on to say that “in most case, students were hit on the back of their shoulders but one student was slapped in the face”.  Does the fact that these great Protestant kids only hit their Jewish classmates on the back or the shoulders (mostly) really make a difference?  If they’d hit them on the legs or the arms would we have just chuckled to ourselves and said “oh those silly kids…”? 

I really just don’t get this.  It’s 2008, people.  Wake the hell up and look around you.  Everyone is different.  That’s what this country was founded upon… differences.  If we can’t learn to embrace what made us a nation, where will we be in the future?  Where will we be tomorrow?  When will we grow up and, in the words of a true spokesman, “give peace a chance”?


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  • 1. William  |  October 24, 2008 at 10:15 am

    Well, you know, Hitler and the Nazis only killed about a third of the worldwide population of Jews, so I guess the school board wouldn’t see a problem with that either. “Oh, those silly Nazis.”

    It’s depressing to think that here in the 21st Century we’re still subject to prejudice, stupidity and racism, but we are. And frankly I don’t see much hope for the future – look at the way Mexicans are treated in the press; you’d think they were worst terrorists since the Black September movement. And as long as a certain subset of the far right continues to take pride in its blatant ignorance, nothing will get better.

    This is why I feel I have to form a cult.

  • 2. Jean  |  October 25, 2008 at 10:17 am

    How’d you like the news today of that bigoted, brainiac bimbo in Texas who looked in her mirror and scratched a backwards “B” on her face (nukular scientist obviously didn’t understand the mirror image!!!) and reported to police that a big ol’ mean black man did it because she was a McCain supporter?

  • 3. Scott K  |  October 26, 2008 at 12:27 am

    I read that article too.

    There’s still a lot of bigotry and hate out there, but I have hope that we can overcome it someday. A lot of it comes from ignorance.


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