An Inter-party Marriage

October 13, 2008 at 9:03 am 3 comments

When two people of different religious faiths marry, they call it an interfaith marriage and people worry about how the marriage will survive because of the vast differences in the religions of the couple.  How will the children be raised?  What happens on holidays?  Will one partner have to convert to the other’s faith?  When two people of different political views marry, very few people really notice.  But, I can tell you that an inter-party marriage can be trying.  Especially at election time. 


I am a liberal democrat.  I was raised by democrats (I’m actually probably more liberal than my family was, but my grandmother was a true blue-blooded democrat) and I share the beliefs of the democratic party.  I vote in all of the national elections and most of the state elections.  In the elections I have been eligible to vote in I have voted for:  Dukakis, Clinton, Clinton, Gore, Kerry and soon… Obama.  My husband is a republican.  I can’t say he’s an extreme republican but he does share the republican beliefs and his family is devoutly republican.  He has voted for (I believe): Bush, Bush, Dole, Bush, Kerry (who knew?) and soon (I fear)… McCain.


Sometimes I’m able to joke that I just have to be sure to vote to negate my husband’s vote.  Sometimes I can just keep all my political beliefs inside and just keep quiet to keep some semblance of peace in my household.  But sometimes, like in this election, it’s just pretty damn hard to keep my big mouth shut.  I don’t believe ANYONE should vote for McCain and I’ve tried my hardest to explain that to my loving spouse.  He, though he’s a bright and college educated man, happens to believe most of what the republican media tries to tell him.  I’m sure he views me and my beliefs much the same way and is equally frustrated with me. 


So rather than fight, which we have done about this election, I vow to try to keep my mouth shut and only gloat a little when Obama wins.  Election night should be a blast here, huh?  Who wants to have an election viewing party at my house?  Nobody?  <crickets>  Sigh… guess it’ll just be me and my republican hubby desperately trying to find reruns of Law & Order to watch so we don’t kill each other over the results.  Maybe I should rent a movie…


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OMG!!! Must watch over and over… Horror Movie Loneliness… or Lusting for Demons

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  • 1. Scott K  |  October 13, 2008 at 10:05 am

    I would offer to get together with you on election night BUT…

    ask Daryl. I’m no fun to be around as the results come in. In fact, I might even avoid them altogether this year until everything is finalized. I can’t go through another 200 or 2004.

  • 2. William  |  October 14, 2008 at 11:08 am

    I recommend a movie, actually. Something tender and emotionally rewarding like Hostel or even Texas Chain Saw Massacre. Or you could go see “W” at the theater. I’m not helping, am I?

  • 3. David Lint  |  November 3, 2008 at 8:51 am

    YOU SAID: though he’s a bright and college educated man, happens to believe most of what the republican media tries to tell him

    Does your husband believe the stuff like Obama is a muslim? He is a fool.

    If your husband is concerned with the fact that Obama will weak free speech on radio then he is justified.

    Does you husband believe Odinga is Obama’s brother? Then he is a fool.

    If your husband is concerned with the fact that Obama is correctly tied to ACORN, Bill Ayers, Frank Marshal David, and Rev. Wright then he has a legitimate concern – passed associations say a lot about Obama ideologies. Even my wife the Democrate is concerned about why Obama trying to distance himself now for the sake of the election. If he is willing to drop his supporters, then is he willing to drop the voters on Nov 5.

    Does your husband think that Obama is a citizen of Kenya or Indoneshia (sp) and not eligable to run for the Presidency? Then he is a fool.

    If you husband has concerns that new evidence was brought before the State of Hawaii on Oct 31, 2008 that shows Obama’s birth certificate posted on is truly a fake then he has a valid concern. The state of Hawaii made that decision – not Republicans. There is a court hearing about it on Nov 18. Even if Obama wins, he is likely to face immediate impeachment.

    If your husband believes Obama is going to protect us from Iraq or Pakistant then he is a fool.

    If your husband has concerns that Obama is likely going to go through with plans to reduce the military 25% and stop all future spending on advancements for the military then he has a legitimate concern. Our enemies are not going to stop attacking us.

    If your husband think that Obama is going to only tax people making over $250,000 then he is a fool.

    If your husband is concerned that Obama has already changed his tune and decided that the limit should fall to $150,000 to $250,000 then he has a legitimate concern. Obama is already thinking of lowering the limit and how much lower will it go? If it does much lower then my wife and I will fall into the once untouchable braket.

    If your husband thinks Obama is a strong supporter of the Constitution of the United States then he is a fool.

    Obama has openly supported the Fairness Doctrine (which only limits talk radio which is the main conservative outlet).

    Obama does not support our right to defend our own homes, family, or others. He voted in Illinois to prohibit home owners from defending their homes against ciminal activity or criminal harm.

    Obama has said he would likely expand the Supreme Court decision to take property away from individuals. That decision is narrow now, but he wants to expand the usage. Expand it to what?

    Obama also said he would support Judges to the Supreme Court that would make law rather than interpret law. That is a not their role and the laws they tend to create tend to support the United Nations – not the United States. Look at the Millenium Act and Rome Statute – Obama created legislation (Poverty Act of 2007) that encompassed them and would have allowed the U.N. to raise our taxes and possibly put a U.N. Army on our soil for purposes of tax collection and prevent public uprising. Just for the record, Bush said he would veto it and the bill died in the Senate.

    I don’t like McCain that much. He is not a Republican that I remember. He is what I would call left-winged Republican and I think the new term today is called neo-Republican. I don’t know who I am going to vote for, and McCain sure doesn’t seem to be the best the Republicans could give us. He has ties to the Keating thing but was aquitted, I believe. I don’t think we need that scandle in the White House either.

    Here is the problem I see with the truths. The President can not make changes to the Constitution himself. Only congress can do that. Unfortunately, congress is very liberal and there appears to be a strong leaning in this election that they will side with Obama and weaken our Constitution.

    I feared George W. Bush when he detained those in Gitmo with his narrow minded interpretation of the 5th Amendment, but the Supreme Court made him let them go or actually charge the prisoners. I fear more that Obama has stated he will change the Constitution. That means you and I could be taken to jail without a reason.

    If Obama happens on things like the Fairness Doctrine – that only hurts one side – the fairness doctrine only applies to radio. It does absolutely nothing to even out the liberal TV and print outlets. That is very one-sided. My guess is you don’t like talk show hosts like Hannity, but he is what balances the like of liberal TV. That is free speech. If you are liberal you have TV and newspapers or even NPR. If you are conservation you only have radio – Fox TV news is a joke. Banning one side of an arguement – who says there is anything FAIR about that? Will NPR have to go off the air?

    On the other hand, the truths are very very scary. Obama has gone out of his way to hide information that all the other candidates willing supplied. My wife of many many years likes Obama too, but she is afraid to vote early because of Obama’s secretiveness. Obama is hiding something. She is hoping he will come clean before we have to vote. The concerns are legitimate and deserve to be looked into whether you are Democrate, Republican, Independant, or Green Party.

    So it really depends on why your husband seems to be against Obama. I think in most cases that I have listed lies and truths in that order about Obama. If you husband is one of those who believes in all the lies portion then his college education was worthless and did him for shit and he is an asshole. Sorry, I’m an old guy and I can say that. I hope he isn’t a fear monger, but has real concerns some of which I have listed. It’s not easy. My wife and I have been voting for 50 or more years and I still don’t know who to pick.

    Its too bad you won’t talk to your husband. But if he believes the lies portion I feel sorry for you. If


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